Who am I?

I recently went back to my childhood hometown to do a wedding for a high school friend. As my family and I were driving through the primeval redwood forest, I realized how much of my design aesthetic and approaches to design were rooted right there, in that forest. I use layers of floral material to build texture, just like the many layers in the under story create a landscape. I believe that shadows and movement bring life to a design, and I frequently use draping to achieve shape. Growing up, I took the redwoods for granted and didn't realize that there are only a few spots left in the entire world where trees grow to over 300 feet tall. Caring for the land and environment are important to me, so I try to use american grown flowers and have created a sustainable cut flower farm which supplies many of my weddings. I am looking forward to sharing more about me, my family, and my love- design!

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